Friday, August 31, 2012

Sneak Peak!

The Anatomical Element Etsy store is now OPEN!!  Click here to see some awesome pieces! And snag them soon, the first sale was made in less than 1 hour after opening!!!!

Want custom pieces?  Email me your ideas and I will help make them come to life!!!

Monday, August 27, 2012


Oh rats.  I have neglected this blog for far too long. When life gets busy, it's hard to update all avenues of social media equally.  Apparently, I'm extremely addicted to Facebook and thus that gets updated far more than this blog or my feeble little Twitter account. 

However, things are a-changin'!  New opportunities on the horizon and fun events planned!  I've hit a health and fitness milestone in my life and hopefully starting up a new business venture with it as well!  Also, my jewelry motivation is booming!  I am signed up for a new class, started my Etsy store and have been scanning art festivals for ideas and set up tips!!

So first, this health and fitness milestone.  One of my high school friends introduced me to a new health product a few months ago.  I was completely skeptical, because I was brought up knowing that healthy food and exercise will get you where you need to be.  Well, knowing and doing are two totally different things.  Being nearly at my heaviest weight, I decided to give it a try.  2 weeks later I was down 12 pounds and 9 inches.  :-)  It has completely changed my attitude, my outlook and my motivation!  I am signed up for a 15K in November and have now lost a total of 18 pounds! 
If anyone is interested, I would LOVE to share my experience with you and see if this product could change your life as well! It's insane how much better life is when you feel good about yourself!!

LW? Don't know who the artist is--would love to give credit.  Found it floating around facebook.  But it's very true. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies.   Attitude is everything in life. 

Secondly, my Etsy store!  I finally took the plunge and signed up!  It took a while to decide on a name (and who knows, that could change in time) but for now it's "Anatomical Element"  (because there are elements of anatomy in everything...)  I really want to pursue my anatomical jewelry ideas as well as other inspired creations.   Here's a sneak peek at the store. I haven't listed anything yet (need to finish them and take photos) But it will be up soon!

I also made up some quick business cards so when I sell something I can package it up all cute and include one!  I can't believe I've gone this long with out some sort of business card anyway!  

There just aren't enough hours in the day to do everything I have planned!  Check back soon and I'll share pictures of some of the anatomical pieces I've found at the art festivals around chicago!  I'm getting quite a little skull collection going!  :-)