Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I couldn't resist...

I've been away, doing very important things like surfing pinterest, watching hulu, and getting stranded in iowa. (seriously, the effing car wouldn't budge. 600 smackers and 1 personal day later I'm back in Chicago surfing pinterest and reading newly found inappropriately awesome blogs like ).

And I couldn't resist.

Kudos to Barb "Ray-o-Sunshine" for this gem.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wedding Crossword Program!

The wedding program - often one of the last things on a bride's to-do list. In this case, it was the groom's responsibility. He was a smart one and enlisted the help of my husband who crafted a beautiful arrangement a mere 2 days before the ceremony.

Picture this: You arrive early to a wedding and are seated next to the amazingly attractive cousin of bride. You are desperately wishing you had something to spark conversation and avoid awkwardly introducing yourself or using some horrible one liner. Remember that pencil you were given with the program? Open up your program, ooo and ahh at the wonderful design...

Now turn it over to the back and take a look at the crossword puzzle! I think it's an adorable way for guests to mingle while waiting for the ceremony to start! You never know who's going to have the answer to 13 Across: Color of Bride's car.