Sunday, April 29, 2012

Resin Virgin!

So today I experimented with a new medium: RESIN!  I am hoping to create some decent cabochons to use for jewelry, but today was just a play day.  It started out with difficulty getting the freaking can open and from there was just a mess...but hopefully a productive mess.  :-) 

I purchased Castin' Craft Resin and its catalyst components and played around with coloring options that I already had like nail polish and eyeshadow.  I will probably bring out the oil paints for a more opaque look next time.  I can also embed objects in the resin, so I am sketching up some fun drawings (probably anatomical) to include behind the resin.  I am super excited about those!!

This website has been extremely helpful explaining step-by-step how to use resin.

So for now the finished products are curing in front of a window for added ventilation.  I am extremely impatient and it's tough to wait 24 hours for them to completely dry!  I've already poked at them a couple! 

The ideas are endless!!  I can't wait to be able to use this medium for my jewelry!  I'm starting to make a "Creative To-Do List" because I have so many different ideas and projects that i want to try out and learn!  So far here's my start:
  1. Resin casting for jewelry
  2. Metal clay for jewelry
  3. Etching for jewelry
  4. Triptych painting on found alley wooden materials
  5. Polymer clay sculpting (possible bobblehead creation)
  6. T-shirt quilt (leftover project)
  7. Altered book (hopefully continuing the round robin)
  8. Mini-Bowling Pin paintings (actual christmas project)
What's on your list?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Remembering grad school anatomy class

I was cleaning up stuff on the interwebs and ran across an old blog post from graduate school. As much as anatomy was a difficult and demanding class, once I figured out how to study and memorize it all, I actually really enjoyed it! Here's the post, hope you get a few laughs out of it!

"Anatomy Randomness"
Posted on October 20, 2005:

- if our foramen ovale didn't close, we would have an atrial septal defect and your right atrium and ventricle would be huge.

- if your heart valves don't close all the way, you have a valvular insuffiency. if they won't completely open, you have a stenosis.

- the vagus nerve continues as the pelvic splanchnic nerve in the abdomen. it is preganglionic parasympathetic.

- the pericardiacophrenic vessels travel with the phrenic nerve along the anterior of the heart--who the hell names these things?

- the celiac trunk has too many fucking branches.

- the female vaginal muscles look wimpy.

- the spermatic cord consists of: ductus deferens, deferential artery, testicular artery, cremaster muscle, cremasteric artery, lymph vessels, pampiniform plexus of veins to keep the balls cool, and a testicular vein. I may have forgotten something....

- Ever think that you could get a loop of intestine in your nut sac? yep, it's called a hernial sac. but don't worry, that only happens if your testes don't descend properly. I'm sure you're fine.

- Hey ladies, gonna have children? get ready for your central tendon of your perineum to be cut to make your vagina bigger! Just let the episiotomist do his/her job, letting it tear would be worse.