30 BEFORE 30

  1. Run a 5K in ~30min (10min/mi)
  2. Travel outside of US   (Guatemala - Completed December 2011) 
  3. Visit the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago
  4. Officially join sorority Chicago Alumni Chapter 
  5. Participate in an organized bar crawl
  6. Participate in the Polar Bear Plunge event
  7. Attend a kickboxing class (Currently in a class at the CFC!)
  8. Go Sailing (Completed August 2011) 
  9. Go kayaking (Completed August 2011)
  10. Take the Architecture Tour in Chicago
  11. Take a Lillstreet / Art Institute class (Completed November 2011 - Metalsmithing)
  12. Climb a mountain or volcano (Climbed the Mayan Face [or Indian's Nose] in Guatemala Dec 2011) 
  13. Go to a Bears game
  14. Learn to play a song on the guitar
  15. Go on a cruise
  16. Visit a vineyard for a wine tasting
  17. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or women’s shelter
  18. Run the Shamrock Shuffle 2012 (Completed March 25, 2012)
  19. Teach private/group art or drawing lessons 
  20. Humanities Festival in Chicago (Completed November 2011)
  21. Zoo Lights at Lincoln Park Zoo
  22. Participate in an Activist/Art installation (Completed 10/16/11 One Million Bones Project)
  23. Read Hunger Games (3 book series)  (Completed January 2012 - Amazing!)
  24. Make homemade beer (Already have the kit!) 
  25. Develop online portfolio website
  26. Attend Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Ballet or Steppenwolf etc (Joffery Nutcracker 2012)
  27. Skydive, scuba dive or snorkel  (snorkel Costa Rica 2013)
  28. Ride all of RAGBRAI  (Summer 2013 with Papa Stork; will be 30.5...but still counts)
  29. Become more involved with the AMI (attend the conference, enter salon, etc.)
  30. Run a half-marathon AND a full marathon  (Completed: Half- 2007, 2011;  Full 2007)

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