1.  T-shirt Quilt
Using old T-shirts from my childhood through graduate school to create a fun quilt!  First time using my sewing machine so this is going to be a special project!

2.  Altered Book Round Robin
Started by Sarah Dougherty (Polk & 2nd), a group of artists each find an old book, create a custom cover and sign-in page, then mail the book to the next artist on the list.  That artist then selects a page (or spread) and creates their own work of art in the book, then passes it on to the next artist!  So at the end of it all you get your own book back and it's filled with artwork!

     1.  "Astonish"                       2. "Extraordinary Seeing"


3.  Skull Art Quilt Project 
Started by Skull-A-Day, this is a project that will support Becky's Fund who helps victims of domestic violence.  Each person creates a 12'' x 12'' quilt square that depicts a skull, mails it in and it will be a part of the final art quilt that will be auctioned off. 
Skull Appreciation Day June 4.  See photos from the exhibition HERE
My skull quilt block submission:


4.  Lifesize Face Cut-Out
This project is for my sister-in-law's upcoming wedding in August.  I'm painting a picture of the
couple on Masonite, the using a jigsaw to cut a circle where their faces would be.  Then at the reception, guests can stick their faces in and take photos!  Cute! 
I know my sister-in-law wants to be surprised, but I'm going to post the initial concept here, not in the blog post pages in hopes she won't see it!  Long ways to go, but the fun is just starting!