Monday, August 8, 2011

Lifesize Wedding Painting

So I just realized that I have about 2 weeks left to finish this wedding painting before we have to package it up, stuff it in the car and drive 8 hours to Nebraska for the nuptials! I used to work on this mainly on the weekends when I'd have the most natural light coming in the windows, but now it's crunch time, folks. I'm guessing it's about 75% finished now, but the last 25% will contain those perfectionist-finishing touches that I cannot escape.

Once the background was finished, we took the 3 boards apart so it would be easier to paint because clumsy me knocked it over and bent the hinges. But it ended up being easier to paint, especially the bottom section. It has now taken over my dining room table.

In school, I used to LOVE creating folds in fabric, but back then I was using either oil paints or chalk/oil pastels which allow for easy blending. This time I was fighting with using acrylic paints which dry extremely fast. But somehow the jeans turned out quite nicely, despite a few profanities that were thrown around.

Here's the most recent photo (sorry it's poor quality, it was from my phone). His shorts were difficult because of the small detail, so I ended up using some colored pencils for the lines and small shading. I am really happy extremely thrilled by how fast and well the technique worked! Only a few things to finish! What do you think??

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  1. Rachel, thats such a neat idea! Turned out great so far!