Monday, January 9, 2012

Guatemala Day 3: Panajachel, Lake Atitlan

Day 3: Panajachel, Lake Atitlan
From Antigua we boarded a crowded and hot shuttle van for a 3 hour trip west to Panajachel on Lake Atitlan.

Word to the wise: Plug in your camera battery while you sleep, NOT while you are waiting for the shuttle because it is very likely you will forget said battery and charger. We had only driven a few blocks by the time I realized I had forgotten it. Since we were stopped I was told to just run back and get it. However, I am completely disoriented in Antigua because all the streets look the same. I jump out and start running in the direction we came from. After about 3 blocks, feeling lost and realizing I have no ID, phone or money on me, I freak out and turn around. A few disgruntled travelers rolled their eyes at me, but the driver agreed to turn around so I could get it. That driver saved my trip! I took so many photos to make that worth it!

After 3 hours of twisting and winding, and bumpy roads, we finally get to the beautifully breathtaking Lake Atitlan. The lake is also surrounded by volcanoes. Volcán Atitlán lies on the southern rim of the caldera (the sunken part containing the lake), while Volcán San Pedro and Volcán Tolimán lie within the caldera.

We checked into our extremely nice hotel (Dos Mundos). It had a private pool and hot showers! A huge step up from our previous night's accommodations. Seriously, almost like a resort!

Then we immediately donned our hiking gear and headed for Reserva Nacional Atitlan to the northwest of town to go ZIP-LINING! I have never done this before and it was an awesome experience! The view over the valley was amazing! I wish we would have been able to take a picture, but that was mid-zipline! haha

Here I am coming in for a landing! So much fun!

Then we took Tuk-Tuks from the Reserva Nacional Atitlan back into Panajachel. They are little 3-wheeled taxis. Kim and I thought this picture would be awesome!

Here is a good photo of the main drag in Panajachel. Lots of markets and shops along the street.

Here Kim and Kyle are talking with 2 young girls who were always trying to sell us something. "Special price for you." "You want? Tomorrow? Next month? Next year?"

We ended the night at a bar called Pana Rock (Aka the Chicken Bus bar) Inside the bar was part of a chicken bus. Chicken buses are used to transport a lot of people at a time. You are crammed in there like chickens. And it is usually not very safe. Oh, and much to our surprise, we rode one the very next day....

Next Post will be Day 4: San Pedro la Laguna and the Mayan Face!

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