Sunday, March 25, 2012


Another item crossed off my 30-Before-30 List! Today the hubs and I ran the Chicago Shamrock Shuffle 8k!
We didn't train very much so I was extremely excited to finish these 5 miles in less than 1 hour (58 minutes, cutting it close but still under!) And now I think he's caught the running bug and wants to sign up for more, possibly a 10k. I don't know if he'll ever get the itch to run a half-marathon, but we shall see.

In other news...
- I signed up for another jewelry class! I'm basically re-taking the same class to focus on my techniques. After this I will be able to take intermediate and specialty classes! Very excited!!

- We just got back from a fabulous spring break trip to Edisto Island, South Carolina. My family takes a trip south every year with my grandmother and we usually tag along. This year grandma was able to get out on the beach in a fun beach/moon buggy! The whole place was so peaceful and it was great to get away from technology and the craziness of the city for a while. I'll leave you with a few photos.

The gorgeous live oaks towering over the road. You can just feel the history here.

Botany Bay Beach. We found at least 6 perfect sand dollars. Amazing!

My 93 year old grandmother enjoying the beach!

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