Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Anatomical Jewelry - IT'S POPULAR!

Spotted this anatomical jewelry advertisement on the Belmont train platform in Chicago this week!  First one in print that I've personally seen!   http://peggyskemp.com

I've seen Peggy Skemp's work flooding pinterest and other blogs I follow, so it's not surprising to see this advertisement!  It's exciting to know that the genre of creations that I also make, is really starting to gain popularity!! Now, to figure out how to get my anatomical jewelry on a billboard...  :-)

Also, I am restocking my Etsy store with the Organ Chatter pendants.  I got a lot of great feedback about them, with more new ideas than I can process at once!!  I will have one new pendant listed with this batch, but it will remain a secret until later this week!!  I love when a new idea actually becomes a physical creation!!

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