Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Question of the Day

If you saw this in my living room, would you:

a) Un-friend me and run away
b) Call a therapist for me
c) Slap me a high-five
d) Try to steal it for yourself

A Chair with Guts

"A chair with guts hanging out. Though it appears to be a part of an art exhibit, the exact origin of this photo is unknown. It may not fit your feng shui, but who wouldn’t want an eviscerated chair for their home or office?"
I want one. :-)


  1. now that depends ...is it in a room filled with crazy-weird art furniture? you know how some people have a victorian room ... LOL because then I could forgive you. if it was hidden behind what I assumed was a closet door.

    but if it's intermixed with the normal furniture of everyone's living spaces, sorry friend. adios! it's creepy. ha

  2. Ugh, I would NOT like this chair, but I wouldn't unfriend you! I just might run away though :)

  3. D!! it's so cool! i want pillows like this.