Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lungskulls [a rainy day doodle]

Lately I have made numerous attempts at creativity, only to be stopped dead in my tracks by that colorful demon called laziness. I will try to blame the weather that has been quite gloomy, but also my kitties have been super cuddly, and those cuddles often end in naps.

A quick update on my projects. The altered book journey has hit a few road bumps. I have not yet received a book to work on!!! There has been communication and an artist will be withdrawing, but still no book. I hate being a pain in the arse, but I really want to get started on this!

The T-shirt quilt. I have gotten out the sewing machine and shirt squares a few times, but just cannot bring myself to sew more than one square at a time. (if that!) Perhaps I am not a sewing girl...who knows. I am afraid that with summer approaching this project will not see progress unless there is a long stretch of rainy days.

But there is some good news to share! On one of the latest rainy days, I got out my trusty sketchpad and just started doodling. The TV was on and I was too lazy (surprise, surprise) to mute the commercials like I normally do. One of those asthma commericals came on with an animation of lungs showing how the medicine works. Somehow, that lung image must have stuck in my head and a few minutes later I had produced this lovely piece.

It is just a rough sketch/doodle, but I intend to work on this some more and have fun with it. The hubs said it looked like an anti-smoking ad! He suggested I add a cigarette hanging out of one of the mouths! I have a few other ideas, so we shall see...

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