Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Blog, New Post!

I wanted to keep a blog of my creative projects that I've started recently and since they are not wedding-related, they don't really belong on my other blog. So today is the birthday of the MedicalArtMofo blog! This blog is named after my Twitter name, which I gained inspiration from a college friend's AIM name. Does anyone even use AIM anymore? I used to use ICQ, not even sure it exists today!

Anyway, I recently learned how to use my sewing machine and I've begun a T-shirt quilt project. Thanks to my friend Kim and her gracious mother Marcia, I now have the tools to have sewing extravaganzas in my own home! I will show my progress but for now I just have photos of the fabric (which took me 2 hours at Joann's Fabrics to pick out...apparently I suck at decision making.) And I organized all of my shirts so I have a plan in place.

I fell in love with the blue skull fabric, but unfortunately there wasn't enough, so I chose a light green polka dot instead (not pictured). But the skull and crossbones with hearts will be used! The brown and green look really good together.

Here are my T-shirts all laid out and organized. I used shirts from my childhood, high school, college and graduate school. So many memories!

I can't wait to share my projects and ramblings with the blogosphere! My goal is to get myself away from my computer screen and create handmade projects that I can sell or give as gifts to friends and family (or just enjoy for myself!)
Thanks and I hope you enjoy and follow my blog!


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  1. I'm building my t-shirt collection a bit but then I totally want to do the same! I'm excited to see your results :)