Sunday, February 13, 2011

The sewing battle begins...

Today I attempted to work on the T-shirt quilt. I purchased some batting and cut a few squares to put in between the fabric and t-shirts. It's a simple straight stitch around the square and then a star pattern to be sure the batting is secure. The first square I did turned out ok, a few problems, but not bad.

The second one did not fare as well. I would hear my machine "burble" or make a weird sound from time to time and when I would flip the fabric over there would be bunches and loops of thread. Just a mess. My googling skills tell me it's a problem with the thread tension. So, I will get out my trusty sewing machine manual to see what advice they give, while I sit on the couch ripping out the utter mess of sewing that I created today.

Here's a lovely photo of my mess. I'd still say today was a success. I identified the problem and I am researching how to fix it. If anyone has advice or solutions, I'd love to hear them!!

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